Sunday, 20 June 2010

My new addiction to Refreshers...

... An odd post, but having forgotten about these gorgeous fruity sweets for many years myself I thought others may have done the same! 

I was recently told that due to health reasons I needed to cut out all caffeine from my diet, which unfortunately, whichever way I tried to wiggle out of it (and I really did!) still meant chocolate. I knew that if this was to be successful I needed to have plenty in the way of alternatives around! 

Me and the mothership popped down to the shop (I drove, and reversed... in a place where there were walls... Oooh!) and I toddled round looking for anything that took my fancy... Refreshers popped out me almost immediately, with their gorgeous sparkly packaging and fizzy flavour. 

In general I'm not really one for sweets, I don't like the aftertaste they leave, or the smell of ones like Haribo (apart from Strawbs, which are heavenly and oh-so addictive!) so I tend to avoid them. 

Refreshers are something else though.. Sweet enough to taste nicely unhealthy their fresh fruit flavours are wonderful and the fizz makes them stand out from the usual sweet crowd. And at just 30p (here at least!) a tube, they're bargainous tooo! 

I encourage you to rediscover the wonder of Refreshers, which, of course now have only natural flavours and colourings (honestly, what is WRONG with these people?! I know they're unhealthy, that's why I'm eating them!).

Rachel xx


Anonymous said...

Haha, omg I totally forgot these existed, lol. I used to love them :D
Now I wants some! Lol.


May said...

YUM, I used to love Refreshers! 'Mothership' made me laugh! HeeHee! xxx

Colette said...

Refreshers will now be needed as revision food.
Damn it being 10.30pm on a Sunday, I want them now!

Good luck with the new diet :)

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