Thursday, 10 June 2010


I live in leggings, I love them, they're good for keeping you the right temperature, they're comfortable, they don't misbehave and ladder like tights do and well, they're just amazing. I would highly recommend George at Asda's leggings, £5 each and the best quality ones that I've ever had, they wash really well, don't bobble or stretch when you're wearing them and they're just magical really! /crazy love for leggings time.

Dress was from Dorothy Perkins and the necklace too!

Love leggings? Or are you a mainly tights/bare legged girl?! 

Rach xx


Anonymous said...

Loves the dress!!
And it normally depends on the weather, but it's always crap in England, lol, so i'm a tights kind of person :)


Laura said...

Yeh I'm very happy in leggings, especially since you can still wear flipflops/open-toed sandals with them, unlike with tights

jaljen said...

Tights with shorts. I always wear shorts.
I have stumpy little legs so I have to create as long a line as possible and don't need to be cut off at the ankle.
I'd wear leggings if they suited me.

Sophie said...

Leggins! <3 I find that they're the most comfortable as they don't hurt my legs like jeans, but they're warmer than bare legs or tights! (:

Love the dress!

Leshia said...

Leggings are the best clothes invention in my opinion! I tend to live in them as they're much more comfortable and versatile than jeans or tights :)

Rachel said...

Leggings are pretty fabulous! When it's warmer I'll wear tights sometimes, but they're not as comfy and they're awkward, and I always snag them! x

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