Thursday, 10 June 2010

Barry M... A dizzy moment!

The other day I was wondering why I'd never bought a Barry M nail polish and really couldn't think of any reason... 

The colours attract me, the prices are great and yet for some reason it's never been a brand I've tried out!

I went to a different Boots to my usual at the weekend and couldn't see a stand anywhere, and when I asked was told they didn't stock it.. I left thinking that that particular Boots was rubbish and I wouldn't bother going there again, only to discover today that my usual Boots don't sell it either! Which would explain why I've never bought any before ;) 

It was only whilst writing this post that I remembered that the last time I'd seen a big Barry M display had been in a Superdrug... Oops! ;)

Next time then! Haha!

What was your last/best make up related dizzy moment?!

Rachel xx

1 comment:

jaljen said...

I'm not sure it's dizzy but buying polish because I like the name and I know the colour is bleurgh. Namely Essie Alligator Purse.
Oh, and an Eyeko eyeliner when I don't even wear eyeliner. Because it got an award in a magazine.

Plain daft.

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