Thursday, 3 June 2010


This is No7's Stay Perfect Frosted Pink- 1 coat, with 1 coat of Rimmel's lasting finish Opal on top (which lightens and... pinkens?! the colour of the No7 which is a little more peachy than pink, and gives it a pearlescent finish). Then dots (dotting tool overuse recently?!) in ELF's white and Rimmels' funtime fuschia with Beauty UK holographic glitter on top! I think the glitter looks less scary and OTT in real life ;)
Are you a glitter nail polish girl? Or do you avoid it at all costs?!

Rachel xx


Leanne said...

Ahh this is so cute :D
I love the look of glittery polishes, I have a few but I always find myself avoiding them 'cause they're such a bugger to remove.
Love this though! xo

Laura said...

Oh looks lovely :-)
I like the look of glitter varnish but tend not to use them as they're so difficult to remove. Saying that, I regularly use a glitter topcoat because it looks so nice

Sophie said...

Lovely!! (:

I tend to avoid glittery polish - I'm not a very glittery girl!

Pandez said...

mmmm this reminds me of raspberries for some reason, very pretty! hxx

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