Friday, 4 June 2010

The moisturiser search continues... Boots Original Formula Vanishing Day Cream

What Boots say....

"A soothing, moisturising cream infused with calming rose oil and enriched with nourishing olive oil."

Due to the name I kind of got the impression this would FINALLY be a moisturiser I could use in the morning before make up but no such luck.

The moisturiser itself is ok, it does sink in pretty fast, but not too fast that you can't remember if you've actually put it on.

The smell is good, if just a little strong for a face cream for my liking, but not a huge issue. It doesn't do all that good of a job of moisturising my skin, though as it's designed as a day cream I wasn't expecting wondrous skin calmed and moisturised glory! For someone with skin that's more on the normal than dry/combination side, I imagine it would be just fine though :)

Unfortunately this is yet another moisturiser that rolls off! It irritates me beyond belief! Even if I leave half an hour between putting this on and putting primer on it still rolls off meaning it all has to come off and start again, not to mention the fact that having to wait half an hour before I felt it would be ok to put make up on over it is a little slow for a "vanishing" day cream. 

The other issue I have with this is that it tells you to avoid the eye area (and I'm not ignoring that advice after having my eyes cry for an hour after applying the Botanics one to my "eye area" despite being warned against it by them...) which is somewhere that, for me, needs moisturising because of eyeshadows and primers and eye make up remover that can make it a little dry if I'm not careful. 

Overall, not something that I'd repurchase, though it's something that will probably get used up eventually! It normally retails for £7.79 at Boots though I'm pleased to say that I bought it when it was half price! Boots Original Formula currently have a buy one get one free offer on selected products too.

Have you tried this, or any of the other Boots Original Formula range? What did you think? Bowled over by it, or just average?

Rach xx


Pandez said...

Oh no! What a shame! I'm glad you reviewed this, as this is the type of packaging I'd be enticed by, especially with those ingredients. Not good for morning moisturiser if you're in a rush for putting foundation on then, boooo :( hxx

Rachel said...

It is such a shame isn't it?! I'm hoping one day I'll find a lovely affordable moisturiser that's perfect! I've just ordered one with SPF 20 in from Avon... Will see how that goes! xx

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