Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Nivea Sun Light Feeling Sun Lotion, Factor 50! Review

It's sad that I'm so excited by this...!

Because of my uber paleness, and some of the meds I'm on, my skin burns exceptionally easy, I can't use anything less than factor 50 and have been known to burn even whilst wearing it and having applied it correctly!

The worst thing for me about high factor sun cream is that they're often greasy, chalky, white and sticky, as in general all the nice formulas are in the lower SPF sun lotions. The other main problem is the price, higher SPF sun creams cost more (which makes no sense, it hardly encourages people to wear the right SPF for their skin type!)

In steps Nivea! 
I was in Home Bargains yesterday (they've taken over our old woolworths, and the one in the town the other side too, so worth checking if that's what yours turned into!) and came across this. I was hugely tempted by what it said on the bottle:

"Light Texture, Instantly Absorbed, Non Greasy" 


The website says it's Light, Fresh, Instantly absorbed... Non greasy and non sticky, no white residue and offers immediate protection! (Plus it plays you nice summery tunes!) This particular lotion is available in factor 6, 10, 20, 30 and 50. 

I've applied it today and it went on easily, didn't leave any white residue, isn't sticky or greasy and I can't even feel that I'm wearing it, I love it! 

The best part is that while this retails at £12-£13 in Boots and Superdrug I got it for just £3.99 in Home Bargains! You can get hold of it on ebay for around £8, and in Superdrug it's currently buy one get one free on sun lotions which would effectively make it £7 a bottle. 

So impressed with this, will definitely be repurchasing when this one runs out and will be applying it far more often and not desperately trying to avoid it now that I've found such a lovely one! 

Hope you're enjoying the sun today! 

Rachel xx


Anonymous said...

Yay! A nice formula in sun cream :) I know what you mean about the burning. Last year I managed to burn through factor 50 and a cloudy day xx

Rachel said...

It takes some skills ;) I've had this on all day and I can't get over how nice it is! xx

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