Saturday, 8 May 2010

My very first Konad attempt!

This morning my starter set arrived.. I managed to resist opening it long enough to take a picture of it before I ripped it all open! 

The stamper's bizzare, in between the single and double size, but it only has one stamper. The plate that came with it is M3, but I used M38 for my first try!

It took a few attempts to even get it to pick up and then to get it on my nails quick enough... Any mistakes I just used a cotton bud with nail polish remover on and wiped it over the nail lightly, so that the polish underneath stayed relatively intact...

This is MUA shade 12, as it's so easy to apply I thought it would be a good one to try it on, not too much hassle to reapply if I needed to.

This is the finished article!

Placement's not great on all of them, and my index fingernail is pathetic, I must find some decent falsies for this purpose, I refuse to cut them all down!

Overall I'm really pleased for my first try! Definitely looking forward to becoming an expert ;) and having gorgeous nails!

Rachel xx


Pandez said...

That's brilliant for your first attempt! Looks lovely hxx

Rachel said...

Thankyouuu lovely! My other hand is completely failing currently ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I love konad :D lol


Ruth's Reflection said...

That is really pretty!!


Ruth's Reflection said...
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