Sunday, 2 May 2010

MUA nail polishes...

... Go on beautifully, look wonderful.. and last a day before needing touch ups! I don't find this bothers me too much, because they go on so smoothly and dry pretty fast I'm quite happy to add an extra coat every couple of days and I find that you can't tell where the chips were or anything.

For some reason I chip nail varnish super fast anyway, I'm not careful with my hands, they get banged into doors, caught on clothes, and I use them to open things like pill boxes, shampoo bottles and everything else in between! I also use a wheelchair when I'm out and about and there's something about it that makes it want to rip my nails and chip my varnish frustratingly.

Having completley wandered off my original point ;) I'm looking for a nail hardener/strengthener/ And at the moment I'm probably thinking Sally Hansen (Hello Ebay!) but I'm not too sure which one or anything.. suggestions would be fabulous if I can find anyone brave enough to leave me a comment about it... Or an email, anything! 

Hopefully have a "proper" post for you later, with pictures of my face (sorry!) and everything!

Rachel xx

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