Monday, 3 May 2010

Marian Newman Inkredible polish pens

I saw these on QVC a while back (I like to watch the beauty bits!) and they sell for £21(?) on the Marian Newman website. I paid £5.50 for it on ASOS with 10% off and free postage, bargain! They arrived last week and I was really keen to get a feel for how it worked and see what it looked like etc. , so removed polish on my toes and applied this one...

I'm not over the moon with it! I think part of it is that it's going to take practice. It's not like normal polish, I'll tell you....

The coloured pen is water soluble, which means any polish you get around your nails you can wash off easily (once you've got the "wrapture" coat on) which is just as well, as the speed you have to put it on is CARAAZY, so by the end I was covered in orange.. I probably wouldn't have needed a colour that washes off if you didn't have to put it on so fast in the first place. Then you wait for the colour to dry (meant to be 10-20 seconds, it's not, maybe a couple of minutes) and then you put your wrapture coat on to seal it.

The other problem is the pens, you have to click the button to get the right amount of colour out, so I start off clicking slowly- with my head underneath the brush ;) and slowly start thinking that it's NEVER GOING TO COME OUT- when it does, in a big blob... then you've got too much on your brush and you don't get a good finish.

Oh so many difficulties here!

After all that I don't think the finish is great, or the quality and I'd have been hugely disappointed if I'd spent £21 on this! I think the price you pay is for the idea of them and the novelty factor.

I'll do a NOTD with it at some point soon :)

Rachel  xx

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Bicky said...

Crap right? I managed to get a refund from all of them from Asos.

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