Friday, 7 May 2010

Marian Newman Inkredible pen.. Orange nail disaster!

I posted before about Marian Newman's Inkredible pens. At the time I was just un-impressed with them... Then I took the polish off... ORANGE NAILS! For something that has a main marketing point of not staining, this is awful. I've never experienced staining like it. Discolouration after having polish on for months (not the same one..) yes, but never orange staining like this... So strong are my feelings about this I took a picture, if you dislike feet, look away now...!

Horrible yes?! :(  it was more noticeable when my fingernails were naked, but it's bad enough without a comparison! My poor poor toesies.

Stay away from these rubbishy pens, I've sent mine back (thanks Bicky! I wouldn't have sent it back had you not successfully done yours!) and am hoping for a refund, as it's not fit for purpose and doesn't do what it says...

Any suggestions on how to save my poor nails from the Orange Kingdom?!

Rachel xx


Nikki said...

I have a Sally Hansen stain remover, it comes with a little round brush, but Im not sure how I feel about it! It seems a bit harsh - the brush, and it works Ok, but its no miracle worker. Maybe you could look into it, I dont know how other people have found it.

Ive heard whitening toothpaste, and lemon work to remove stains? Ive not tried this though (I dont tend to wear coloured polish all that much tbh).


Bicky said...

I never kept the orange on but eeeesh that is appalling and I even used a base coat, I always do. So so bad that they're selling these for £20+ and making out like they're a darn site better then regular polish. I dun think soooo.

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