Saturday, 1 May 2010

Avon's Skin So Soft signature silk nourishing body cream

The moisturiser with the longest name ever ;)

This was a nightmare to get hold of.. Avon sent me a luminous pearl body wash instead of it in my original order and after battling with their customer service department- who didn't seem to understand what I was asking!- I sent it back requesting, by name, the moisturiser that I had ordered first time round. A few days later the SAME BODYWASH turns up with a note from the person who dealt with it. I was not amused to say the least ;)

Anyway, it's here now! (though after all that I still have to send back the bodywash, for the second time, you'd think for the £2 it costs, and the hassle of sending it back... twice.. They'd have just let me keep it?!)

I didn't hold out much hope for this, recently I've been having trouble finding decent body moisturisers that don't "roll" off- do you know what I mean? You put it on, and you touch your hand to your skin 10 minutes later and end up with a hand of little bits of moisturiser.. Ergh.- I've recently bought the new vaseline sheer infusions moisturiser- no moisture, rolls off!- and Palmers body lotion, unscented- no moisture, rolls off!- and  really didn't expect any better from a £2 Avon body moisturiser.

No rolling off! Yay! The scent's not too strong though it's not great (my favourite moisturiser is the FCUK daily body lotion, the green one? But it's SO strongly scented and it makes me sneeze!) as I'm not too keen on it, but you could get away with wearing perfume as well a little later on. It feels a little plasticky in the pot so who knows what on earth it's got in it, it's not too thick or thin though and it rubs in easily and doesn't leave a greasy residue.

I have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and legs, which makes them bumpy and only certain moisturisers can help tackle that. I'm really impressed with the SSS moisturiser with how it's smoothing these bumps down and will continue with it every night- solves the scent problem!

Avon's Skin So Soft signature silk nourishing body cream is available from your Avon rep. or online it's currently £4, and there's also a 2 for £6 mix and match offer on which you can take advantage of with this moisturiser :)

Rach xx

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