Friday, 30 April 2010


I didn't take these in the dark :P but to get the best picture of the colours I had to use the flash!

This is what I used....

The little pots of eye shadow are samples from fyrinnae in colours Montalivet- I LOVE this, and Choco cake mix. Plus I used Pixie Epoxy too, which gives a really intense foiled look to the shadows without water.

I also used a gel liner from the all natural face in Swiss Chocolate on my upper lid.

I used the MUA glitter eyeliner on my lower lash line with a bit of choco cake mix on top so it looked less like explosion in the glitter factory! I really like this with something layered on top :)

MUA eyeshadow shade 16 as my highlight- really like this, smooth and lovely.

MUA blusher in shade 1- not overly keen on this.. it has gold spangly sparkles in... I don't like that.

And MUA lippy in shade 6 plus lipgloss in shade 3 on top. Pretty rubbish staying power from the lipstick though!

Rachel xx

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