Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saffron Eyeshadows

After seeing the lovely Dottie rave about her Saffron eyeshadow palette I was pretty keen to get my hands on one! A quick ebay search revealed quite a range of different palettes, and I went for number 5, a palette based on pinks, golds and a couple of blues. The golds range from a pale shimmery yellow to a brown-y gold with shimmer (it's a shimmery selection!) I don't think there are any un-usable colours in there which is lovely!

They swatch almost exactly as they look in the palette, and I love that, nothing worse for me than seeing a lovely eyeshadow only to find it looks totally different on skin, no matter what you do to it.

The eyeshadows are soft and highly pigmented, yet easily blendable. They are also scented. Why anyone would choose to scent an eyeshadow palette I do not know, and for me it's slightly offputting to be able to smell my own eyeshadow (it's strong enough that I can smell it when it's on my eyelids, after a couple of hours you get used to it and don't smell it anymore)

I did plan to take a picture of these on me, but unfortunately one of my eyelids plotted against me, and swelled up in the night, so I've decided not to share that beautiful image with you ;)

Oh, nearly forgot! I paid the bargain sum of £1.80 for the shadows, and couldn't be more pleased with the quality of them for that price!

Anyone else had a major success with a cheap eyeshadow brand? This is probably my first that I've been this pleased with, thinking back on cheap eyeshadows they've always been amazingly vibrant in the pan, and come out pale and pastelly when applied.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshiiiine where you are!

Rachel :) x


Kim said...

I like the look of that palette :) I want to get some more, even though I currently own way too much eye shadow haha! xox

Rachel said...

I looove it! I'm so into gold-y type colours at the moment, really looking forward to using some of these foiled as liners! xx

Rachel said...

Also, you can never have too much eyeshadow ;)

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