Thursday, 15 April 2010

Oh look, there's half of Primark in your pocket...

A rather successful shopping trip yesterday I feel! Unfortunately with it being the holidays it was jam packed and full of little shoplifters and therefore scary security guards too, especially over by the cosmetics, which made me slightly uncomfortable- I like to browse in peace, not with an angry faced man staring at me! 

This is what I came out with....

Lots of the make-up prices had been cut down even further, most noticeably the wealth of 25p gel eyeliners... I didn't hold out much hope for it but at 25p it doesn't really matter right?! They only had them in black, which I usually avoid in gel liners, it's a little harsh next to my skintone. Only had a chance to have a very quick swipe of it last night, and so far, it seems pretty hopeless, smudgy, paintlike, thick... The list goes on. I will try again though just to have a proper try of it.

"Souffleye" mousse eyeshadows, down from £2 to 50p each, in three colours- lilac, mint green, and yellow. But with better names, Lilac dream and Sun so Soft. Interesting choices! I bought the lilac and the yellow in the hope they may be slightly useful as bases. I like the packaging which looks a little pop-art like:

2 rather scary fake tan items, an instant tan gel with gradual tanner in too, for body. And a gradual tanner with SPF15 in for my face.... eeeek! £1.50 each.

A boring looking eyeshadow duo, but the lighter colour should make a good base colour and the darker colour will be good as a liner tooo. £1.

4 nail polishes- in the yellow box- a promising looking nude colour "sorbet" a bright pink "Lolita" a pale pink "Blush" and a horrible pale lilac "Bloom" £2 for the set.

Further info and review-type posts coming on all these bits and bobs soon! Have you tried Primark cosmetics? What did you think?

Rachel xx

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Anonymous said...

I actually love primarks make up! i have a fab moose foundation and their eyeliner pencils are great! (and i love that you get two pencils and a sharpener...iv never got a sharpener!!) but once i got the hang of gel eyeliners i havent looked back becuase they make my fake eyelashes look more natural!!i think that their fake tan isnt very strong and smells a little curious (is it supposed to be pineapple??) also how nude is your nude nail varnish?..iv been looking for a nude that isnt see through for a while, iv see it on celebs but not in real life :( xx

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