Monday, 19 April 2010


This is one of my Primark nail polishes... I was going to do my NOTD with the nude/peach toned one but it was so horrific I gave up. It looked nice with just the one, thin coat though, sheer kinda "my nails but better". This is the "blush" one I think. Totally different formulas. The peach one- sorbet- is chalky and thin- in a bad way.. Blush is thicker but still thin enough to manage to even itself out a bit if it goes on badly.

I got 4 in a pretty little box for £2. Please ignore my stubby little index finger nail.. there was a tragic accident that involved me having to file it down.

This is 4 coats, and a top coat, I refuse to do more than 4 coats... Yet you can still see the streaks. I think the brush is the main problem as it doesn't distribute the polish evenly and the brush itself seems quite hard and in- flexible.

I wasn't overly happy with this, but after 4 coats I wasn't going to take it off... So I used my No.7 Milan polish and a dotting tool to do this....

Streaks much less visible and uber cool polka dot nails!

Then over the course of the day that turned into this....

What do you do to save a bad polish that you can't bring yourself to take off?!

Rachel xx


Nikki said...

I really like the look in the 2nd picture :)

4 coats.. You have more patience than me!! When my polish goes wrong I tend to just wipe it all off in a mood.. Then because I cant be bothered to do the whole thing again I end up with plain nails!
Id really like to give Konad a try, it doesnt look super easy, but fun all the same! :)

daisydinosaur said...

I get annoyed after two and take it off and paint it something else! Nails Inc does a lovely colour like this, I might put it on later when I've got the patience to do my nails. Otherwise if I'm not in the mood, it goes horribley wrong! Also, hello :)

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