Monday, 19 April 2010


This is another one with the Primark yellow mousse eyeshadow... The consistency of this one is really bad compared to the lilac, it's harder to get it on and make it stay there without bunching up around my crease.. Even with eyeshadow on the top of it I have to be careful till it's all settled down.
Saffron palette 5. one of the yellows from there all over my lid to just above the crease and then the dark brown from Primark duo on outer V and crease! Simples.

I've just made a small ELF order, with their eyebrow kit, an Olive eyeshadow duo, and a couple of brushes, so will see how I get on with that little lot when it gets here.

Unfortunately this volcano malarchy has meant that my 3 orders from America aren't here yet (NYX eyeshadow pencils and a single eyeshadow. Fyrinnae sample order & The All Natural Face eyeshadow, brow powder & blush samples, plus a couple of gel liners.)

I bought a new Hot Looks nail polish today in Hoola hoop which is a shade of pink kinda stuck between neon and baby pink.... Interesting!

Hope today's been a good (pah!) Monday for you! xx


Nikki said...

Ive seen a couple of reviews on the Primark makeup and nail polishes, it seems a bit hit and miss to me, from what Ive read anyway.

Its a very pretty look on you though.. And Im loving your curly hair! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Nikki :) Curly hair is somewhat temperamental currently ;) xx

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