Saturday, 17 April 2010

EOTD- Primark "Souffleye" in Lilac dream..

I decided to use my "Lilac dream" mousse eyeshadow from Primark today, and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not normally a lilac sort of person but this is really nice, I applied it with a brush which worked much better than fingertips- which is what Primark recommend & the way I applied the yellow colour- the colour pay off is much better and you don't really need to layer it up.

I didn't realise my brush wasn't entirely clean and discovered that the lilac, when mixed with a little of the dark brown from the eyeshadow duo (also Primark) makes a nice smoky colour and gets rid of any notion of old lady lilac... I added a little extra of the brown over the top of the lilac- patted on with a flat brush- and then used the same dark brown for my crease and "C" on the outside of my lid and blended well with a fluffy brush.

The end result is a smokey lilac daytime look which I'm quite pleased with, and made from Primark products!

I used:

GOSH eyeshadow base (Superdrug, currently £5)
Primark Souffleye in Lilac Dream (50p!)
Primark eyeshadow duo, which I shall name neutral- cos that's so exciting.. but that's exactly what it is, a light creamy colour and dark brown... I used the cream colour as my highlight as it's wonderfully devoid of sparkle- there's a little, but not too much to make it useless as a highlight. (£1)
I'm not sure how great these pictures are as I'm outsiiiide in the sunshine and it's a little hard to see, hopefully they're ok, if not I'll have a play around later :)

Rachel xx


Anonymous said...

these are stunning! x

Rachel said...

Thanks! May I ask who you are mystical anonymous person? ;) x

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