Wednesday, 21 April 2010

ELF order!

Superfast delivery from ELF!

I ordered on Monday, it was dispatched Tuesday and got here today!

It was just a small order as I'd been wanting the Studio eyebrow kit for flipping ages and it had been in and out of stock- normally out!- in the colour I wanted everytime I looked, and so when I saw it in stock the other day I dived on it! I also got an Olive eyeshadow duo and 2 brushes- an eyeliner one and an eyeshadow one, both from ELF's normal range (not Studio). Everything I ordered was £1.50 except the eyebrow kit which was £3.50 I think.

Really happy with all of it which hasn't always been the case with previous ELF orders, I do think the quality and general usefulness of their products has increased since they released their studio line.

The eyeshadow brush is quite thick and really not useful for the crease but great for lid colour.

The eyeliner brush is a *little* bit scratchy and I wish it was angled, I may cut it... ha!

The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is amazing!

There's also very little fall out which I'm impressed with and it's almost matte (why, oh why, do people think that EVERY eyeshadow needs sparkly bits to fall over your face?!) which I love. I've got a FOTD coming up for you with the eyeshadow and eyebrow kit, and a bit of a before/after with the eyebrow kit too (once I'd figured out which bit was meant to go on first... oops!)

Hope you're Wednesday's been a good one!

Rach xx


Nikki said...

I really want to give ELF a go, it just seems a bit hit and miss with people. Maybe I should do a bit of research and see whats good!
I could do with that brow kit though.. Im trying to grow mine in a little and Im not liking the patches one bit!


isabella thordsen said...

lovely blog!

Rachel said...

@ Nikki, I'm so impressed with the brow kit. If you wanted to make sure you got decent ELF products then their studio line is probably the way to go, from what I've seen the quality is consistently good, the rest of the site can be a bit hit and miss. x

@Isabella, thankyou! x

Louisa said...

The ELF blending brush (I believe its called)from the studio line is ace for your crease.
I love the normal shadow brush and the crease brush from the studio line. I want to have a look at the studio brushes, I've heard theyre really soft.

Rachel said...

Thanks Louisa! There's no blending brush but there's a C brush, contour brush, angled brush, precision brush.... any of these? ;) My cheapy QVS brush is what I use currently for crease colour. xx

Anne-Louise said...

I tried to cut my eye-liner brush from ELF... didn't work. :( ha

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for that warning Anne-Louise! Great minds think alike.. ;) x

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