Sunday, 8 May 2011

Weekend Update...

A bit of a random post from me... I've been really bad recently at posting, I've got lots of lovely things that need reviewing for you! From bronzers to moisturiser, fake tan, a BAD products post and more..

I'm also just waiting on some very last bits for my belated one-year-birthday-giveaway... There are TWO different prize sets, which means TWO winners :) I'm very excited!

It'd be absolutely amazing if you'd be so kind as to pop over to my facebook page for my jewellery business... Lovely Little Charms and take a look at my handmade jewellery, I make rings, handbag charms, charm bracelets and earrings, and I also undertake custom work too :)

There's an "I am..." post coming right up too, so I'll try not to spoil it by telling you everything right now.

The gorgeous summer weather seems to have disappeared and the sky is currently grey with totally rubbish lighting for taking pictures!

What are you doing this weekend?


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