Sunday, 22 May 2011

Taking control.. of Spotdom

Recently my face has decided it doesn't like me and must punish me with spots and clogged pores despite having  normal/dry skin. I decided enough was enough and went to search out some solutions to rid my skin of pesky blemishes!

I got my hands on T-Zone's antibacterial pore cleanser, which reminds me of the first cleanser I ever had, it's just like water in consistency and it smells of tea tree and generally clean and fresh, I personally really like the scent to it! I've been using it for about a week either before cleansing in the morning and before I wash my face in the evening/after facewipes. It does nothing to exfoliate my skin and little to look after it so I don't fancy using it all on it's own. I have to admit though it's not been drying and I've had no problems with my skin reacting badly in any way.

You literally squirt some onto a cotton pad and wipe it over your face and that's it. It's doing a good job of keeping my skin balanced and it's definitely made a big difference to the congestion and blackheads in my pores, especially on/around my nose. It's also got on top of the spots I had which left much quicker and the amount of blemishes plaguing me has dramatically reduced

I picked mine up from Home Bargains and I can't see it online in either Boots or Superdrug.. Definitely worth having a look for it though if you're after something to keep spot-prone skin under control!

Are you a fan of no-water cleansers? Any suggestions for me?


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