Wednesday, 25 May 2011

April's Wishlist...

Yes, it was on my last wishlist, but I've been busy finishing up my Neal's Yard cleanser and getting involved with a Soap and Glory scrubby face wash, now I'm excited to be getting my hands on this soon. I find it so easy to get distracted my other, cheaper cleansers though, despite knowing how much I love this one!

Bourjois lip tint in Cyber Cassis. I saw this on Makeup Savvy and Fee rates this so it's on my list! I hate having to mess around with lipstick when I'm out and about so this looks perfect and hopefully it won't dry out my lips either.
Not beauty related, but so pretty it had to be included, a gorgeous iPod skin from Decal Girl

June's glamour magazine that goes on sale on the 9th of June will contain a generous sized mini (apparently worth between £8 and £10 according to Raspberry Rouge) of one of the three Benefit tints... I'm leaning towards Posie Tint and High Beam, though at £2 for each magazine it wouldn't break the bank to buy all three! 

ELF's new addition is this Studio complete coverage concealer palette, which looks perfect for meeting different concealer needs as your skin colour changes throughout the year, ELF claim that it provides a "flawless, makeup artist finish" for £3.50 you can't go wrong really!

What are you lusting after this month? Let me know.. there's room for a few more on my list ;)


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Becca said...

That ipod skin is amazing, looking at them now for my iphone, baaaad idea putting the link up Rach! They have some gorgeous skins... xx

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