Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review: Topshop Makeup

Recently I made my first ever order from the Topshop website as they had free delivery and I'd been lusting after a cream blush of theirs for a while. While I was there perusing the Clearance section (where, as ever, just about everything I liked was out of stock...) I came across a lip "glaze" that they described as bronze.. Scary huh? It was £1 so obviously it had to be thrown into the virtual shopping basket and then I (virtually) ran to the till before anything else found it's way in there! 

I'm really keen on the packaging of both the products, it's different and stands out amongst the glossy blacks and clear tops of other products. The large mirror in the top of the blush makes it great for travel and the packaging seems sturdy enough to survive that too.

I was slightly concerned to find my products had been sent in what is effectively a paper bag, with only the tiniest bit of padding... Luckily for me (and Topshop!) my order arrived in one piece.

The blusher I ordered is "Flush" and it's gorgeous! The colour in the pan is pretty scary, I thought I was going to end up as a clown face... Surprisingly though this blends out well to leave a natural flush (as the name would suggest!) in a powder finish, which having tried NYX cream blushes is definitely welcome (I don't find having a cream finish staying on my face in a slightly sticky reminder that I'm wearing blusher particularly thrilling). It lasts all day and as you only need a tiny amount I can see this lasting a long time! Really good value for money at £6 and definitely unique to the highstreet.

The glaze is actually surprisingly wearable, it's not too bronze, though will look much better on me when the fake tan and bronzer comes out for the summer, it's non-sticky and just feels like a good quality gloss. 

Have you picked up anything from the Topshop makeup line? What do you think?



jaljen said...

I got the Glaze too. I don't even like glosses but I thought I would put it in a giveaway!

I like their nail polishes. That blusher looks pretty though.

thatgurlwho said...

I haven't bought anything from Topshop's makeup line before, everything just seemed a bit meh and nothing stood out for me as a must have.

That blush does look awesomely pretty though, definately something to check out next time I'm in topshop!

Leanne said...

I absolutely love Flush, one of the best £6 I ever spent! x

Rachel said...

Jaljen... It's a curse not being able to resist bargains ;)

Thatgurlwho... The packaging, although unusual doesn't give anything away does it? Definitely worth having a look!

Leanne- me too! My other blushes have barely had a look in..!


G A B Y said...

The blush looks gorgeous!! x

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