Saturday, 15 January 2011

Jewellery Love...

I love jewellery, in particular I'm a big fan of necklaces and bracelets and I find it hard to pass up the opportunity to add to my collection, even if I am running out of room!

One of my favourite places for high street jewellery has got to be Dorothy Perkins. They have some amazing sales which are around just about all of the time and their jewellery has a pretty wide range of styles.

Yesterday I picked up a few more sparkly treasures...

Glass bead necklace- £10
Gold leaf necklace and rose earrings- £2
Bow ring- £1
Rose ring- £2

Have you picked up any bargain jewellery recently?



DesignerSpray said...

I'm also obsessed with jewellery!

I usually buy my stuff from Topshop & Galibardy.

The gold leaf necklace has to be my fave from above. :) xx

Olivia said...

My boyfriend has started banning me from looking at the jewellery section of shops! lol I agree, Dorothy Perkins have some great sales!

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