Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Giveaway Rule Post!

Christmas is nearly here and to thank you all for reading and for your comments and feedback that stop me being just a loon jabbering to myself...(!) I've got 6 different prizes to give away until Christmas eve...

Giveaways will be open for 48 hours each and after that will be replaced by a new one, right up to Christmas eve!

The rules are as follows:

-Leave a comment on each separate giveaway post that you wish to enter
-Only one entry per person per separate giveaway
-If your profile doesn't link to an email/some other way to contact you then please leave your email address in your comment
-Each giveaway will close 48 hours after it has been posted
-Winners will most probably be announced in the new year
-Prizes will be posted in the new year
-Unless otherwise stated giveaways are NOT open internationally (at least 3 of the 7 will be)
-Some of the prizes have been donated, however I am responsible for posting etc.
- you don't need to be a follower OR have a blog to enter, just make sure that there's a way for me to contact you :)

That's it!

I'm really excited about sharing these pretty bits and pieces with you!

Happy Christmas lovelies,

Rachel x


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Leanne said...

Hahaha oh my god, really?
Some people, eh?

Rachel said...

Han lovely, if you post on the next post that I've put up then that'll save confusion :) x

Leanne- I'm a little confused by your comment, sorry, I'm probably being slow!

Leanne said...

I meant the commenter above me, entering even though there's nothing to enter for yet...

Rachel said...

Ahh, I see! Sorry ;) x

Anonymous said...

sorry I was confused x

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