Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lush lip care... scrub and tint!

It was my birthday a few Mondays ago (the 8th)  and as well as turning 19 (gaaah!) I got some really lovely bits and bobs from very generous friends and family!

I got some Lush stuff (thank you Libby!) which was really nice, it's not been something I've been treating myself to recently and I'd always been reluctant (I normally already have an arm full of products by the time I get there!) to buy the lip scrub, making do with a soft toothbrush instead and not convinced that something like this could do a better job.

I've been using the bubblegum one, which has a very sweet smell and taste to it, some people love it, others hate it, I'm in the love it camp! It's basically just sugar, oil and some colouring/flavouring, but the consistency is perfect and I personally don't think it would be that easy to make, and not worth it for the hassle. It's been doing a really good job of getting rid of dry skin on my lips and leaving them smooth which is great! The lip scrub definitely does a better job than my toothbrush exfoliating was, so worth the money I think! £4.95 for a 25g pot that will last FOREVER.

Next is the It Started With a Kiss lip tint, which smells very strongly of general christmass-y ness- I know, helpful right?! ;) - To begin with I was a little off put by this but you soon get used to it and the look of it on my lips over-rides any scent issues for me!

It's a beautiful pinky-red and the first real red that's got near my face. It manages to look good without making me look too pale or over the top and with the first ingredient being Coconut oil it does a great job of moisturising too. Staying power is impressive, and unlike some other Lush lip balms I've tried this is perfectly smooth and easy enough to get out of the tin even in cooler weather, the tip is to use the back of your fingernail to get it out in the first place. £4.95 for 10g and I anticipate this lasting a long while.

Lovely ideas for Christmas gifts, and highly recommended by me!



Abbey said...

Looks lovely! I love Lush!

" A beauty blogger named Justine " said...

Happy belated birthday hun mine was on the same day x

Nilufar said...

Hey, Happy Birthday the Lip tint looks lovely...I might just have to get it...

I too love Lush.

Follow me, i'm gonna have an amazing giveaway as soon as I get 50 followers

charmed-chick said...

Great post i love lush, and i really like that lip tint im a little scared of the red lip look too lol i should try some of this :)

BFB said...

You sound happy with the lip scrub, but if anyone else is wondering, it really is easy to make! I promise! I do it myself (link below). Although I'm partial to peppermint oil... if I had to buy bubblegum flavoring to make mine I might be more willing to buy the pre-made variety.

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