Monday, 4 October 2010

October wishlist

OPI's Nail Envy- matte. The plan is to use this to hopefully improve the awful state of my nails AND to use it as a matte top coat. I've found this on Ebay for the bargain price of £7.99 here

Sugar Strip Ease... I'm really excited by the claims made about sugaring. The lack of pain and the fact it's water soluble especially. I only looked into it having seen a friend of the mother's mention it on facebook. I've never had much success with waxing and the inevitable sticky wax left on your legs that is seemingly irremovable has possibly put me off forever. I wasn't keen on making the sugaring... stuff.. myself the first time round and the absolutely gorgeous packaging that this comes in makes it very tempting! Available from Boots.


Tea Rose




Boho Chic

Image credit: Make up Geek store!

NYX cream blush. I've been after these for a while, but I'm always put off by having to buy from the US, I don't know why, I've made orders for NYX bits and pieces before but when you only want the one thing it's a bit off-putting. Including shipping these tend to be around £5 individually from ebay (which is very good value from what I've seen for how long they last!) I'm tempted by Tea Rose, Glow, or Boho Chic. Which one do you think?


ELF's new lipsticks in their core £1.50 range look pretty impressive. I'm especially attracted to "seductive". Don't forget that if you comment on any of their blog posts you receive a £1.50 voucher to use on any order from their site within 30 days... Free lipstick!


Once again ELF's blusher brush features. For some reason every time I place an order I convince myself (whilst trying to whittle down my GIANT basket) that I don't really need it. Wrong every time! 



Small Town Gal said...

I like the look of Boho out of the blushers and you DO need the ELF blush brush! I have it and I adore it!

EilidhPie said...

I keep wanting to try a matte polish... lety us know if it's any good? x

JadeyLou said...

I have Glow and it is AMAZING! It's a bit hard to blend, about the same as MAC Blushcreme but it does last all day and Glow is actually the colour I go when I blush (but a little bit prettier) so I was pleased with this! I got it from seller joy017 and it was pretty good, arrived within a week :)

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