Sunday, 17 October 2010

NOTD- Barry M!

This is Barry M's Pure Turquoise.  It reminds me of blue smarties, but that's probably more the vibrancy of the colour as this is lighter and well... more turquoise! ;)

This is 2 coats, wearing very well with a top coat, I chip polish like you wouldn't believe and this is it's second full day now and no sign of tip wear (I type a lot!) or chips. Looked really glossy without a top coat, I'm just very impatient and dent my newly painted nails without a quick dry top coat. 

This was an Asos buy in the sale for £1.75 (where they have Dusky Mauve in stock for £3 and free delivery!) which presumably means it was an end of line as it's quite a summery colour. I can only find a turquoise on the Barry M site, it has the same number but looks different to me... Confusion!



Christina Marie said...

Such a nice colour! I haven't seen this one before i don't think x

Caz said...

I have this colour and I love it! It's really bright but I don't think there are many colours out there that are similar :) I wish i'd got it as cheap as you did!

Anonymous said...

i've just done a post today on what i picked up in the asos sale makeup wise, check it out and follow if you like :) xx

Rachel said...

Christina Marie- It is such a pretty colour isn't it?!

Caz- I've not come across anything that's particularly similar to it, I was looking at in Boots the week before, glad I didn't get it then!

Sarah- thanks for the link, looks like you got some great bits! :)


MattWellsTV said...

GORGEOUS!! i definitely think barrym and illamasqua come top when it's down to nails :)

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