Monday, 27 September 2010

The vast array of matte top coats.... WHICH ONE?!

Yes. I'm slow aboard this. Months ago when 17 started tempting us on their facebook page with their matte top coat I decided that I'd go for that one when it came out... Which at first they claimed would be in August, then September.. and now October. If it was a ploy to get me to hold off buying another matte top coat IT WORKED! However it's left me annoyed. (they even gave 2 away the other day. I am not lucky.)

Now I'm not overly happy with paying £8 or so for a matte top coat that I may or may not like. I'm also not particularly keen on the finish of ELF's mattifier (though imagine I will buy it!) so that leaves mid range like the Rimmel one... Of which I'm not a fan. (Getting a theme here? Fussy? ME?!) It just seems like it was an after thought, it wasn't advertised, and then suddenly it plonks itself down in Boots. 

Then after an ebay search I came across Nubar's V for men matte finish nail protector, a quick google led me to this page at All Lacquered Up where it looks like it does a pretty good job! This one is around £7 or so I think but as it's original job is a nail protector it's a 2 in 1 product I'm ok with that ;)

Same goes for OPI's nail envy, which I've been eyeing up ever since I saw it on Vaguely in Vogue at the beginning of the month. Then I remembered that when I was searching for cheap Nail Envy's on ebay I'd come across a matte version which I've now decided is the one! Next month I'll hopefully be going for this, a real 2 in 1 product that will hopefully bring my nails back from the dead (flaky, splitting.. GAH!) and mattify polishes tooo! Genius ;)

If you'd like to run screaming down the (aisle?!) at me to warn me of the horrors of any of the above, please do. 

Or if you've got recommendations and/or can convince me to spend more then that would be great too! I'm definitely more into the slightly-satin finish than the blackboard-style matte finish. 


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Nikki said...

I only have the Rimmel one.. Im not so sure of the others.
I did find that it took off some of the colour (OPI's Russian Navy in this case).. I could see the brush was tinged blue, so not great. But the look of it wasn't all that bad.
Ive been thinking about the Matte Nail Envy.. I have the original. It helps to grow my nails in better condition, but I HATE that it sends them a yellowy tint.. Ugh.


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