Wednesday, 1 September 2010

An overlooked colour in eyeliner world...

... Grey. 

I'd never really thought about grey eyeliner before. I've stuck with brown eyeliner pretty much everyday for the last few years (with the exception of the odd blue or green day) and decided recently that I needed an alternative. With black being (in my opinion, although maybe more experimentation is needed) slightly too harsh for my skintone grey was the next colour I came across. 

With trusty £5 off No7 voucher in hand I discovered this... A blue grey eyeliner which on first impressions looks slightly old fashioned, almost a lavender shade to the grey but ends up looking wonderfully smokey, subtle yet quite impressive... An unexpected result!

 It's wonderfully smooth yet not too smudgey that you create one giant mess if you so much as touch your eye and it stays put all day.

Layered this is a great alternative to black and perfect for daytime, plus at just £2.50 with the current voucher (valid till the19th of September, and given out with purchases of £5 or more till the 12th) it's a bargain! 

Amazingly smudge proof with impressive pigmentation I'd recommend you try it! 

1 comment:

EilidhPie said...

My very first eyeliner was a grey Rimmel one. Then I chucked it for a black one. But you are right, it is often overlooked! In fact, I want another one now! x

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