Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Naked palette....

... It's here and I love it! The shadows and soft, smooth and lovely, they glide on with wonderful amounts of pigmentation and the liners.. It's love! 

If you're interested in hearing/seeing more then let me know, otherwise I'll try and get some EOTD's up for you using it as I know I'm certainly all swatched out from the millions of blogs about this one :)

I do have one complaint, and that's not the palette itself, that would be Debenhams.. When my palette got here I discovered (after I'd swatched half baked myself) that 3 or 4 of the other shadows had been swatched themselves.. and not by me! Had this been anything else I would have sent it back but such was my desperation to try it out that I left it... I will be emailing Debenhams to let them know though.. Totally unacceptable!!



Jess said...

I really really want the palette, it's a shame someone swatched it before you.



WelshBeautyBlog said...

Mine had been swatched too - very lightly, but swatched nonetheless.
A strongly worded email is currently being formulated, let me know how you get on with yours
x x x

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