Monday, 20 September 2010

Liz Earle Essentials range- Skin Repair Moisturiser

This is the last of the products that I was sent from the essentials range by Liz Earle. It took me a while to decide whether I liked it or not, and I think that was mainly down to one thing, application. This confused me slightly as I really didn't expect how I put this on to affect my opinion of it so much!

Basically, if I take a bit of this out of the pot and onto my fingers and then just massage it into my face I don't like it, it feels too heavy and greasy. The way to do it is to get a little out of the pot, and then rub it between my hands for a little bit to spread it out and warm it up, then I can massage it into my face and neck without feeling greasy or heavy.

This really is lovely, it's a very good moisturiser and I think that was part of why it took me a while to get used to it, I'm used to light day creams that are quite thin and not overly moisturising, whilst this is lovely and moisturising without being too heavy or taking too long to sink in (but it stays around long enough to leave me satisfied that it's working well!)

Liz Earle say:

"Light yet rich in naturally active skin nourishing ingredients including: borage oil a rich source of...GLA, echinacea, hops, avocado oil, panthenol... and vitamin E to replace lost moisture and protect your skin... Intensely moisturises, smoothes and protects"

I can quite happily use this before makeup without it rolling off, or my (mineral) makeup sticking to it in a patchy way. After leaving it to sink in for a few minutes it quite happily works as a base. The only area that sometimes needs a little help to prevent it becoming greasy over the course of the day is the area around my nose, but that's to be expected really as that's an area that for me, is either really dry or greasy.. It doesn't seem to have an in between ;)

Whilst the Cleanse and Polish does a really great job of ridding my face of random dry flaky patches, the one area that I still have a problem with is the creases round my nose (what else do you call them?!) that rebel and stay dry and rough pretty much all year round, which makes for difficult make up application, even with a primer. This moisturiser sorts this like none other has, leaving my nose smooth and soft and not turning into a flaky mess when I buff my foundation in.

I have the normal/combination one and you definitely definitely would not want this version if your skin is prone to any oiliness as it's a lot heavier than the light version.

I can't honestly say that I'd definitely repurchase this... I don't feel that my quest for the perfect moisturiser has reached it's end yet but this may well be one that I re-visit at a later date. 

The skin repair moisturiser retails for £17.25 for a 50ml jar from the Liz Earle website. I'd say that the pot should last you at least 4 months or so, I've not made much of a dent in it in the month I've been using it for and I've used it every day, once or twice a day. 

What's your favourite moisturiser?



Caz said...

I love this moisturiser - its definitely my HG! xxx

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