Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I think yesterday was the first time I've ever been into Primark and come out without buying any clothes... (I bought some tights, socks and a nightie, which my mum insists are clothes... But they're not really!) 

Instead I managed the cheapest Primark visit in a long while! That was probably down to the state of the store... An absolute mess yesterday! Which is actually unusual in our store as it's been refitted recently and since then they've managed to keep it amazingly tidy, none of that rooting around on the floor trying to find your size in the mass tangle of tops on the floor(!) However it looked like it had been ransacked yesterday, I've no idea why, maybe it's down to the reductions.. (Seriously.. Primark, cheaper than normal?!)

I was looking for a bikini as well, but seeing as my usual size 12 top half (12-14 in Primark!) and 10 bottom half need separates, and the fact that my last (now too small) Primark bikini top was a size 16.. The sets that they had around weren't really an option, plus it was all stringy ones, which, as anyone with any boobs will know, are utterly useless if you actually have boobs. Nightmare! (Don't even get me started on bras in Primark.. A whole section of A-D sizes, and there are just 5 DIFFERENT STYLES for D+ sizes.. Gah!)

Ahem, anyway, onto the pretty pictures!

This is a gorgeous vibrant blue (FOTD coming later) that I'm loving using on my upper lash line.. £1 (reduced from £2)

Absolutely hysterical liquid lipstick.. Will tell all in FOTD post! £2.

Oooh so pretty! Giant 6 metres of cupcake wrapping paper, 8 very lovely big square cards, and 8 little baby cupcake cards.. All £1 each!

Orangey/Red wonderfully squishy flip flops- £1.50!

Close up of the Cherry print.

Everything else is relatively boring and not worthy of pictures! 

Have you made a trip to your Primark recently? Did I tell you I'm going to the UK's biggest one (Liverpool) on the 13th?! I'm very excited ;)

Rach xx


Gem said...

cute post, i sooo know what you mean about the bikinis and bra's :L i haven't been shopping in ages but i think i might do now :) my primark don't do makeup which is rubbish but i will ind one soon as it looks like they have some good stuff :) xx

London's-beauty said...

i love your wrapping paper :D so cutee. everything is lovely :)i must go to primark!
Have fun at Liverpool x

London's-beauty said...

i love your wrapping paper :D so cutee. everything is lovely :)i must go to primark!
Have fun at Liverpool x

Laura said...

Can't wait to hear about the liquid lipstick!

I haven't been to Primark for over 6months (I was living abroad) and now that I'm back home, well, there isn't one in my city. However, I'm going to Manchester for a couple of days this week so fingers crossed I get some shopping time :-)

EilidhPie said...

Love the flip flops! They are so cute! I haven't been to primark in ages, the one in Glasgow is always far to busy, it just stresses me out!! I do sometimes jump in when I'm at uni, but I only ever buy pjs& socks! xx

Olivia said...

That cupcake wrapping paper is so cute! I tried buying some makeup from Primark last time I was there, but they'd got rid of their makeup stand! :( xx

Rachel said...

To be honest, I often find myself buying interesting looking Primark make up bits just for an amusing blog post ;)

I should really have picked up their primer, but I was a little too scared!

@Gem- I know, they're flippin' useless with bras and bikinis clearly! Primark make up seems to be very hit and miss, but it's fun to try out! x

@London's Beauty- The wrapping paper is pretty cute! I think I got the last one out in our store! x

@Laura- Hope you get to do some shopping! x

@EilighPie-Thank you! The flip flops are so comfy! Primark can be uber stressful, I tend to go on weekdays in the middle of the day as I can, much less scary then! Their PJ's are amazing! x

@Olivia- Booo for lack of make up! Maybe it'll come back sometime..! x

Thanks for the comments lovelies!

" A beauty blogger named Justine " said...

I live near Liverpool and have been to the primark there a few time - its amazing for primark lover 5 floors of the stuff!!! I love the flip flops! I picked up a pair the other week and love them!

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