Thursday, 1 July 2010

July's wishlist!

I so love doing these posts... Despite the fact I normally end up buying other things instead... ;)

Image Credit: ELF!

This is the ELF studio powder brush. I've seen this on a couple of blogs and I find the flat top of it attractive... I'm a mineral make up girlie so new powder brushes are always exciting, I've already got a Kabuki from ELF which I love but it's nice to have a bit of variety, I think this would do well for slightly heavier coverage days. I do think that this looks like it costs much more than £3.50!

Image credit: Boots

This is a (rather rubbish) swatch of 17's Mirror Shin On Lipstick, in the most coveted shade- Beehive. Something seems to happen to me when I go into Boots, and despite swatching this and loving it, the smooth texture, perfect colour.. I put it down and went with a Natural Collection lippy... That I'm not as keen on, typical! I do plan to pick this up this month if I can find it again (17 just said on fb that it's now sold out...! Though doesn't agree!) Ramble over, £4.49 from Boots.

Image credit: Ebay

Fimo beads! Gorgeous unique beads to make into bracelets, a little bit of creativity! 

Image Credit: Sleek

Once again a Sleek palette goes on here... I'm absolutely convinced I'd have had many if our crappy Superdrug sold them, but they don't, and I don't like £3.95 postage for one! I will, undoubtedly change my mind later on and  end up with a different palette, but for now my choice is Sunset.. Or original... I don't know to be honest ;) 

Image credit... My Supermarket..!

These sweets are amazing. Recommended to me by a friend when I told her I had to give up chocolate, they don't leave the nasty aftertaste that normal sweets do, and the flavours are great.

Image credit: Viva la Nails

Water decals, an alternative to Konad I'm curious about these...!

A rather lightweight wishlist again this month, which is great obviously, always good to save money ;) but I have 2 Primark trips lined up too... Not so money saving!

Rach xx


Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

there's still loads of all the mirror shine lipsticks in my local boots, they clearly dont know what they are talking about haha!

About me said...

The lipsticks might be out of stock centrally at the warehouse so the stock you see is all the stock available at the minute. They are great lippy's though so not surprised they're going fast

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