Thursday, 29 July 2010

Going away... Slightly bizarre camping adventures ;)

I'm going away for a few days tomorrow, but fear not, I have scheduled posts for you to enjoy whilst I'm in a field of mud in Stafford..! It's not even proper camping as there are nice loos, a shop and an internet cafe (so you may even get the odd squeak from me whilst I'm away!)

I've got my camping essentials post coming up for you very soon, plus a NOTD, the reason why my EOTD's have been quiet and miracle moisturiser on a budget! Oh, and I'm also curious as to whether a tutorial (I hate that word, it sounds like I think I've got something to teach you!) of an eyeshadow-y look is something you'd be interested in?

Also, a huge thankyou to all my followers, 110 is a something I never imagined I'd hit and I'm really grateful to all of you who take the time to comment and read :)

Rach xx

P.S- all images borrowed from Weheartit


jaljen said...

Pretty tent-y thing.
Have a dry time.

heartshapedbruise. said...

"It's not even proper camping as there are nice loos, a shop and an internet cafe" - now that sounds like my kinda camping!

Have a great time :)

Pandez said...

Aw, have fun! I can't imagine camping without proper loos and showers!! And plug sockets for hair dryers ;) hxx

Rachel said...

Thanks lovelies! I wish I had a pretty tent like that...!

Off to actually make my hair look vaguely presentable for one last time now..! xx

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