Thursday, 8 July 2010

FOTD- Primark style!

By Primark style I mean- "Oh look, I used 2 Primark products at the same time!"

L'Oreal Telescopic mascara
Everyday minerals "Weekend getaway" blush.

Band of Bold blue chunky eye pencil and some carazy liquid lipstick... (Onto the story I know you've been waiting for..! Or you know, an insanely long ramble...) 

Primark had a load more make up products in the store than last time I went, although for some strange reason they seem to have 99 of each product... Which I feel is a little OTT! Anyway, this rather snazzy lipstick lookalike caught my eye as it sat prettily in it's packaging, despite the fact it looks a little like something that a 7 year old would own

Anyway, I bought it, and once at home ripped (hence why you don't have any pictures of it..) off the packaging to quickly try it out.. Oh dear. I read on the back of the annoying plasticky thing they used to trap the lipstick that you twist the base for the liquid lipstick to come to the top. 

Now let me explain, the top is made out of something resembling the material that they put on some (only the special ones'!) teddy's noses.. it may feel soft on the bear's nose.. not so much on lips! Obviously I twisted the thing too much- NOTHING WAS COMING OUT!- and so I ended up with a hysterically large amount of this rather thick "liquid" lipstick on the top of the weird flocked tip, and let me tell you, once it was on my lips (which took some doing, the applicator is useless, the lipstick just smooshes into it, instead of onto my lips! and then smudges and drags it's way across..) I looked like a 5 year old who's got into her mum's makeup...  Or a clown.. The applicator is crap on this thing, rubbish at smooth application, it drags, it leaves all product on one side of your lips, and beyond the lip line border... Pah. I'll have to try and recreate the situation and take a picture for you ;)

I have however discovered a way to use it without looking like a clown, you got just the watered down version in the above picture, where I used a little of the lipstick and attacked it with a lipbrush of vaseline, but it is possible to use it as a proper lipstick (albeit still with a little vaseline attacking..) 

Primark's make up is worth buying purely for the entertainment it gives!

Rachel xx


EilidhPie said...

That truly made me laugh out loud!
But I'm confused, whats the difference between liquid lipstick and lipgloss? x

Living in the smoke said...

I am so confused, how the hell do you get the lipstick out? I twist it, and twist it, and there is no sign of ANYTHING :(

Rachel said...

Hmm, sounds like you've either got a faulty one, or like the one I've got you twist it and then sometime-in-the-near-future it comes out ;) If you go back to it they'll likely be a looaaad of product that's come out?


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