Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I love how at the beginning of every month I'm convinced that I really want these things... And then I either decide against them or just end up buying something else instead! 

Either way I still want Orly's Sec n Dry and that was on last months list!

Crystal nail files, fed up of trying to find the old (yet pretty!) emery boards that hide in my room I'm starting new with lovely Crystal nail files that I can SEESAW with! Very exciting ;)

Manly 120 palette (I've actually no idea if the Manly one is any better than the others, can anyone enlighten me?) Having every colour under the sun is very appealing to me, and this has replaced the Sleek palette for the time being!

Set of 24 nail art pens (can't find a decent picture of these!) as found on Ebay for around £9.99... not much to be said about these, yippee for rainbow colours! 

It's a short one this month as I've just bought my very first car (yaaay!) so money is somewhat tight! 

I also have some rather exciting things on the way from Avon at the moment, looking forward to getting them and having a play around with them!

Are your wishlists ever changing despite half the things not being bought?!

Rachel xx


Louisa said...

I'm always planning things I want to buy and then buying something else.
What car did you get? Have you passed your test yet?

Rachel said...

It's a Ford Focus estate, I haven't passed my test yet but as I'm learning auto I needed something to practice in... all family cars are manual! x

Kim said...

I have the Manly 120 Pro Palette, just because this is what a few YouTube gurus recommended. I think mine cost me around £12 including delivery. Saying that I've barely used it. I need to get back into it. I've been lusting after those nail art pens for a while. My sister bought some off eBay and they weren't very good. I think the way forward is striper pens :D I still need to get my hands on some though. One day... xx

Rachel said...

Ooh, thanks for that Kim! I've kind of run out of inspiration with my current favourite eyeshadows and I'm thinking the 120 palette could be a good way to experiment a little more!

I think the nail art pens that I've been looking at are the striper ones, they have a thin nail art brush and a nib too I think! xx

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