Saturday, 19 June 2010

A teeny tiny MUA order!

Whilst Superdrug had (and still has, till tomorrow!) free delivery I decided I'd go for a couple of bits from the MUA range.. 

I got:

Lipstick- shade 2

Lipstick- shade 9

Nail polish- shade 9

Now for the polish I found the online swatches to be just about perfect, but the lipsticks, I was expecting something lighter from both of them! 


Shade 2. Image credit: Superdrug

Shade 9. Image Credit: Superdrug

and this is how they swatch "in real life"

Much darker in my opinion. The top one is shade 2, and the bottom shade 9. I really like shade 9, on my lips it just makes them look a little more polished rather than adding any sort of bold colour, whereas shade 2 looks pretty dark. 

Overall though, once again really impressed with the quality of the lipsticks for £1! They glide on smoothly, stay well, and don't over-dry my lips! 

I'm yet to try the nail polish, but I'll do a NOTD when I do!

Have you tried the MUA range yet?

Rachel xx

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