Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

For weeks I've been thinking I should get some of this and putting it off, but after the horrible sight that I was met with with I removed my last nail polish this became essential....

My nails are chipped/flaking to halfway down the nail on some fingers, and on others the layers are separating at the tops, they bend really easily and break and are really flexible and thin, it's not good! 

Sally Hansen say that this "protects your nails against housework, water, detergents and everyday hazards. Hard as Nails with Nylon forms a super strong, super smooth coating that reinforces the nail surface, edge and tip to help prevent chipping, splitting and breaking...." I'm feeling hopeful!

Today's the first time I've applied this, I'm going for 2 layers (allowing them to dry well in between) and will see how that goes, just hope it works and it doesn't make my polish peel off! 

I'm hoping to give you an update some time in the next month or so, depending on how fast I see results (if at all!)

Boots currently have buy one get one half price on a lot of their Sally Hansen things, so now's the time to have a look! I think I paid just over £4 for this today, which seems pretty reasonable! 

Have you tried Sally Hansen products? How did the work for you?!

Rachel xx


Olivia said...

My nails are in bad condition too, so I keep wanting to buy this. I look forward to the update to see how it works xx

Rachel said...

It's amazingly shiny, using it as a top coat aswell as straight onto my nails! xx

Pandez said...

This caught my eye, I've got the Hard as Nails in the cheaper smaller bottle, which is great and does the job. But the SH No more Breaks in the same style bottle as the one in your picture was awful!!! Both are supposed to strengthen... go figure haha hxx

Laura said...

My nails are in equally bad condition so I look forward to reading about how you find this product as I really need to invest in something similar myself. Hope it works!

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