Saturday, 22 May 2010

St Moriz tanning mousse review

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My first impressions of the St Moriz mousse weren't great... I ordered from Fragrance direct along with some other bits and they arrived impressively fast for the £1.95 postage charge (bargain!).

Upon opening the box I was greeted by a lovely leaky bottle of mousse, the mousse having dried a greeny brown on the outside of the bottle.. Nice! All visions of my looking nicely brown flew from my head as I imagined a hellish application with wonderfully orange results. 

A week or so later I took the plunge and applied a wimpishly small amount of the mousse to my arms and chest; the guide colour was just right, not too orange that you couldn't leave the house, yet strong enough to give you an instant colour boost and to see any bits that you've missed (lots, in my case!). I was pleased to discover there was no strong fake tan smell on application, nor whilst it was developing, which is always a bonus! Unfortunately due to me ruining my previous tanning mitt and being too impatient to wait for the new one to arrive I decided to apply it with just my bare hands, something I've never really done before... Uh Ohh.

A beautiful orangey brown colour immediately appeared on my palms, round my nails and between my fingers, and it took some serious scrubbing to get all of it off. Definitely not recommended then! I left it on until the next morning to wash the guide colour off and though I was left with a significantly lighter colour, it looked natural and I decided to be braver next time in applying more. 

A couple of days later and I decided to apply it with cling film wrapped round my hands, an interesting concept, I looked like a complete twit but I avoided the dreaded orange hand scenario! I applied it more generously this time- two pumps per arm- and am really, really happy with the results. 

My original arm pictures that I was going to use for before and after's haven't come out all that well, so I'm going to use an older OOTD post and compare it with one taken today! 

I realise that for a lot of people my "tanned" colour is pale ;) but compared to my usual colour it's not! And I plan to build it up a little more.. The pictures aren't that great, but it gives you an idea of the difference in colour.

There's been no "puddles" of fake tan coloured staining on my sheets at all (yay!) which has been a problem with nearly every other fake tan I've used, the colour looks really natural and it's pretty much fool proof to apply. It really doesn't matter what it looks like when you first put it on, it went on quite streakily the first time but I was still left with a smooth even colour after I showered. 

For the bargain price of £2.99 you really can't go wrong! Will definitely be repurchasing this :)

Rach xx

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