Monday, 10 May 2010


Last month I was having a little wander round ebay and started searching for NYX products. I was especially interested in the jumbo eyeshadow pencils and tracked a seller down who had them for £6 with free P&P. Having never looked it up anywhere else I assumed this was reasonable, it wasn't until I decided to have a look on a couple of US sites that I realised just how expensive that was!

Shopcraze sell them for just under $3 dollars which converts to around £2.. £2!! Shipping was about £4.75 which is pretty reasonable as most companies posting from the UK charge near £4 anyway.

Total order for 2 jumbo eyeliner pencils (cottage cheese and gold) plus a single eyeshadow- pure skin, which I thought was going to be matte... but isn't! Was around £10 or so, which would only have bought me one NYX pencil on ebay!

I love the eyeshadow pencils, they give really intense colour whilst blending well and being really quick and easy to use, and they're really long lasting. Will almost certainly be buying more!

Do you buy NYX? Where do you get yours from?

Rachel xx


Leanne said...

I've used Shopcraze a couple of times before for NYX, they're good for MAC pigment samples too :)

More recently though I've moved onto for NYX, she does bundles, like pick any 2 jumbo pencils for about £6 inc shipping. She's really good and ships faster than Shopcraze :)


Anonymous said...

I have a NYX blusher its really good! I get mine from a local shop though. xxx

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