Thursday, 27 May 2010

A non beauty related post.. Well, kind of!

Bit of an odd one this...

I just wanted to mention a company called Graze who I love! I think they're more well known now than when I first heard of them a year or so ago, but for those of you who have never heard of it here's the basics....

Graze sell gorgeous little boxes full of yummy treats. You can have ones with fresh fruit (and it ALWAYS tastes good, nothing that's un-ripe or anything) and two little punnets (generally 40g I think!) of things like nuts, seeds, dried fruit and japanese rice cracker type things... Or you can have ones with 4 punnets of 40g and no fresh fruit. They list all the foods that you can get on their site, and you rate them as bin- you never want them, try, like- they'll send you them occasionally, or love which they'll send regularly. The punnets are an ideal size to throw in your bag to snack on during the day, as the main point of Graze is to encourage healthier snacking.

Normally boxes cost £2.99, which isn't particularly cheap in my opinion, but I like to have them as a treat and they can sometimes be the highlight of my day! Graze offer a first box half price to anyone, but when you get your first box (and every other box after that!) it comes with a code that gives anyone who's not used Graze before a free first box, and a second half price, plus it gives you either £1 off your next box, or you can choose to donate £1 to Graze's charity of the month. I'll stick my code at the end of this in case anyone's interested!

It's so so easy to cancel getting any further boxes so there's really no pressure to continue after your first free box, or your second half price one. Genius!

This was the box I got yesterday:

In general they balance out boxes so that they're healthy and have a mix of things in them, unlike this one ;), but that's because a) I'm fussy and don't like dry fruit apart from raisins, and b) I used the "send soon" option so Graze didn't really get much say in the matter!

My code (for a free first box and second half price) is QRWKV28 and I hope you don't mind my straying from the usual subject matter!

Rach xx

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