Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mavadry review.. A bit rubbish?!

Whilst busy finding things to add to my order on fragrance direct (dirt cheap polishes on there!) I came across a teeny bottle of Mavadry, it's just 5ml but I thought it would be perfect to try out, and hopefully it wouldn't go gloopy like a bigger bottle.. I paid £2.50 for it, which is pretty reasonable I think for a trial go!

What Mavala say:
"dries nail polish in a few seconds, prevents flaking, enhances nail colour and gives a brilliant sheen"
To be honest I think maybe I was expecting too much in the first place... Think super-fast-dry that doesn't dent or wrinkle after just 30 minutes. Mavadry seems to offer no such thing.

Today I attempted a fourth try with Mavadry. In fairness it does dry my nails on the surface reaaally fast, however I then ruined my nails an hour and a half later by leaning on one of them and I don't know what I did to the other two! And the last time I used it it took 9 hours(!!!) for my nails to be dent and wrinkle-proof which is far longer than with no magic topcoat.

I've tried putting it on thickly, tried putting it on thinly. I always leave a minute before putting it on top of my polish as suggested and I wait between layers! WHAT ELSE CAN I DO WITH IT?!

Are all fast dry topcoat's like this? Am I doomed to wrinkly nail polish forever?! Or is Mavadry just not good?!

What fast dry top coat do you use, and how long does it take to completely dry your nail polish?

Rach xx


Leanne said...

Wow that sounds pretty pants o.O I used to use Seche Vite but it's kinda pricey and started to dry up a bit too quickly for my liking at such a price. I use Poshe topcoat now which is just as good but much cheaper, although I'm not sure where you can get it from (I have a friend in the US who gets it for me)!

Small Town Gal said...

I use Poshe as well, Seche is sooo gloopy, Poshe has gotten slightly gloopy but nowhere near as bad. I prefer Poshe, it lasts longer for me as well.

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