Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fyrinnae order!

If you remember this was another one of the things I'd been waiting for for a while.

I first heard about Fyrinnae on Charlotte's blog when she blogged about the lip lustres from there. After having a look at the website I was more excited by the eyeshadows (I'm more of an eyeshadow girl than lips right now!) and ordered a few samples of those and a lip lustre..

Fyrinnae have a bit on their home page which tells you how long they're currently taking to get these things made up, I think at the time I ordered mine it was between 2 and 3 weeks, though mine got dispatched sooner than that, probably because it was a small order.

The whole order- including two brushes cost me just under $14, which is around £9. I paid under £5 for the two brushes, and the rest was samples. Lip lustre 3ml is around £1.50 and eyeshadow samples- 1/4 of a teaspoon are around £1.30. 

The samples are really well sized, I can't estimate how long they'll last for as I've only used them a couple of times, but that's not made a dent in them. These are the colours I got..

Number 1 is my favourite, it's called Montalivet and it's got a reaaally light shimmer to it. It's kind of gold in shade, though not quite, it's a really hard one to describe but it's amazing as part of a more neutral eye, but at the same time could be made far more dramatic if that's what you wanted.

Number 2 is one that I'm yet to use called Victorian Vamp, it's a gorgeous deep purple with quite big bits of glitter in, I imagine it'll look really good as a liner.

Number 3 is another one of my favourites, Nonsense! It's a gorgeous matte green that's really wearable, it's a lovely summery colour in the same shade of bright green that when you were little you used for grass. 

Number 4 is Choco Cake Mix. A rich matte brown that's really really versatile. It works well as a crease colour, for eyeliner, or layered to deepen a colour.

Number 5 is a free sample I received called Mephisto. It was one of the colours that I had had on my list, but got knocked off in the final cut, so I was really pleased to see it come out of the packet! It's a really hard colour to describe and it doesn't photograph particularly well. I'd say it's got a base of deep purple, hints of purple-y blue, and lighter, brighter purple shimmer. I *think* this is one that on the website they call bruise colour.. nice ;)

The black pot in the picture is Pixie Epoxy, a strange, tacky... gloop that you use underneath Fyrinnae eyeshadows to make them appear foiled, but more intense than that, it makes a huge difference to how they look. All fyrinnae shadows should be patted on not swiped, swiping them completely wipes out their colour for some reason!

The Lip Lustre I got was Lollipop-pop. A bright pink with a blue tint to it when it hits the light. Lip Lustre is a strange in-between of lipgloss and a lipstain, lasts well and is totally unique.

I'm really really pleased with everything that I got from Fyrinnae, will definitely be getting more samples, (I think their primers look really interesting!) and possibly full sizes too!

Rachel xx

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