Thursday, 8 April 2010

Well well well....

Where to start?!

Having recently entered into the world of beauty blogging I've become intrigued by watching other people's new make up hauls, their NOTD pictures and reviews, you know the drill!

Having far too much spare time on my hands I thought I'd start to dabble in this magical world and write a few of my own posts. I'm certainly no expert, but new and exciting (and let's face it, gimmicky!) products are a major part of my life, sharing them with the big wide wonderwebland seems to be the thing to do!

This morning a rather lovely order arrived from, my first order from their website after a hideously unsuccessful attempt about a year ago where I just could NOT get them to accept my card details. I wanted to take advantage of their 3 for 2 on Skincare offer, and with my local boots being a little on the small side, and tending to look somewhat like there's been some sort of siege gone one there when there's a decent offer on I thought I'd try my luck at finding in stock products online.. I got this little lot:

I've never used boots botanics range before now, but the simple packaging and natural look to it all tempted me and I have now acquired their All Skin Types Soothing Eye Make Up Remover- with Iceland moss to hydrate and soothe! The All Skin Types skin brightening toner, and their sensitive skin calming cream with marshmallow and SPF 15- always handy!

This was my 3 for 2 lot, and then I decided I needed a new face wash so enter:

L'oreal's new Perfect Clean foaming gentle scrub: Exfoliating!

A right mouthful!

With a novel little "scrublet" which they claim leaves a "clean sensation, pores looks smaller and velvety smooth skin" it sounds good right?! The Scrublet itself feels rather nice, the little finger-like structures look harsh, but feel very soft and flexible to the touch, see? (no, not really, but you'll either have to imagine, take my word for it, or go out and buy one for yourself, k?)

Once I've had a chance to try this out (it's 3:15pm, and as impatient as I am, I'm trying to wait until make-up-taking-off-time to use it!) I'll tell you what I think!

Rachel x

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Kim said...

I really want to try this scrublet malarky!! Looks good :) xox

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