Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Shopping triiiip!

I'm off to Primark today, I want some more summery clothes for my wardrobe! If I manage to find anything decent then will take pictures for you, but you know how Primark can be, some days you go in there and you want everything, others there's just nothing that catches your eye... Hope it's a medium day, don't want to spend too much money (yes, it's possible to spend too much money, even when everything's most things are under a tenner) I also want to take a look at their cosmetic-y bits and pieces, last time I went in it was all looking a little bit mauled... broken cases etc.

I think I may also pop into Lush (I'm completely in love with King of Skin!) and maybe boots aswell... We'll see!

Post with new thiiiings should be up either later today or tomorrow!

Also, thank you to my 13 rather wonderful followers, it's been just 6 days since my first post so I'm very happy to have so many of you follow me so fast! I had visions of me and 2 followers for a month... ;)

Rachel xx

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