Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Naked bargains!

Very different from shopping for bargains naked... 


A few days ago this post popped up on my Bloglovin' page from Lily at Beauty's Bad Habit revealing the discovery of the Naked cocoa body butter for £1 in Savers. I'm a big fan of Naked, bargains in general and body moisturiser so I went off in search of hidden treasures in my local Savers. 

Amazingly (the shops in my nearest town never seem to contain the products I go hunting for!) I found the Naked cocoa butter, along with an orange and honey hand and body lotion and a Wake up shower gel, for £1 each, utter bargains considering they all currently sell on Naked.com for £3.99 each!

I'll be reviewing the hand and body lotion and cocoa butter fully in the next little while. 

Are you a fan of Naked products? Spotted any bargains?



Jen4 said...

I've never used Naked products, but they sound gorgeous! Can't wait for the reviews :) I've never heard of the shop Savers unfortunately - not sure we have any round here! Hope they will pop up as bargains in some other places too :) xx

About Makeup Savvy said...

Picked up some £1 Naked products in Savers abit a month ago now - they are in there as Naked is changing some of there lines and aren't going to be doing 'online exclusives' anymore.

Was very happy to pick up such a bargain :) as can't say I love savers THAT much.

Fee x

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